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5 Reasons to change your vehicles oil!

A car, van, lorry and array of other vehicles are compiled of a range of moving parts, pistons and gears. Without the correct lubrication and maintenance, you can expect an array of issues later down the line such as engine failure and require further fixes and measures to get you back on the road. The team at Crossleys accident repair centre are here to explain 5 Reasons to change your vehicle’s oil to avoid disappointment.

A concerning study by Car Care Council of the Be Car Care Aware campaign stated that 22% of vehicles have low or dirty engine oil.

This is inevitably going to result in costly repairs down the line!

Here are the 5 reasons it’s essential to change your vehicle’s oil.

Oil lubricates your engines oil

As stated earlier, in all vehicles they contain an array of moving pistons and parts to enable the functionality of the car. Without sufficient oil, these moving parts often dry up and size. The correct addition of quality oil allows for smooth sailing, fully functioning engine and in which results in a smoother drive and fewer issues down the line.

Keeps your engine nice and cool

With all those parts shifting, moving and rotating constantly to move your vehicle forward, it is essential to keep every measure in place in keeping your engine cool to prevent overheating. It is common to find that poorly oiled engines are represented with many overheating issues and breakdowns.

It cleans up your engine

From all the use, without sufficient oil, your engine is presented with an array of debris, dust and rubbish that can implement itself into your engine causing build up. The oil allows a clean flush inside your engine and components.

You get higher miles per gallon!

That’s right, a poorly lubricated engine results in higher fuel consumption.

Oiling your vehicle can result in a smooth running engine and a better mpg for your vehicle.

Saving you money both on the road and in the garage!

The overall health of your vehicle is elongated

The correct servicing and oil measures including changing your filters and receiving any work suggested by your garage are an essential step in elongating the life of your vehicle.

If you require assistance and expert advice on the health of your vehicle, performing a service and ensuring your oil is sufficiently provided in your engine. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of your local Crossleys garages and our expert team are happy to help!



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