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Do I Need To Service My Car Yearly?

At Crossleys we get a lot of questions about if it really is necessary to have a service once a year, or is it just a waste of time and money? Whilst new cars may not need a service for their first 3 years, however, the majority of cars will need regular services and here why!

 So, why does my car need a service? 

Servicing your car is the only way to find out that everything is working correctly, and makes for a safer, smoother drive. If you do not check your car regularly and are driving with low levels of oil or fluid, you could do serious damage to your engine, costing more money in the long run.

The performance and run of your car can be negatively affected if you do not have your car serviced and checked regularly. Issues such as weird noises coming from your car, smoke from the exhaust, light on your dashboard and possible even breakdowns.

Would it benefit me to have my car serviced regularly?

The simple answer is, yes! Having regular services and checks on your car means your car will run more smoothly and efficiently. It’s likely to increase fuel efficiency, handle better, improve breaks and the engine will run smoother. 

Regular servicing and checks mean that you can catch an issue early on, costing you less to fix, saving you money in the long run. 

The biggest benefit of regular servicing will be the maintenance of market value on your car, a full car service history can add thousands of pounds onto your car and makes it far easier to sell on as they know it is in good, working condition. 

What’s involved in a service? 

There are many different things that are involved in a service, however, the main elements are: 

– Oil Change 

– Oil Filter Change 

– Visual Inspection 

– Check all levels of key fluids (windscreen wiper fluid, brake fluid, anti-freeze and steering fluid) 

– Brake Check

There may be more to full service, depending on the condition of your car. 

Where can I get a service done?

Crossleys of course! We offer services at our Wyrefields branch in Poulton, why not get in touch to find out more! 


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