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How much to refurbish alloy wheels?

Alloy wheels are not only a premium feature to many cars, they are also commonly the prized possession for many car owners. Available in an array of styles, sizes and colours; each car owner is able to find and fall in love with a set of alloy wheels that make their vehicle stand out from the rest. Unfortunately, down the line, you may experience a curb scratch, stone chip or scrape. All of which is incredibly inconvenient and upsetting to those who take pride in their vehicle. This is why we are here to answer the common questions “How much to refurbish alloy wheels?”

Not only can restoring and refurbishing your alloy wheels bring back a bundle of life to your car, but it can also protect the wheels from future damage such as rust, increase the value of your vehicle and pull the entire look and feel of your car together. Since there are such an array of alloy wheels from compound materials to the incredible different styles that you can choose from. The price differs from every individual case along with the array of damage than can be shown. A small scuff will offer different costs than a deep chip. It’s best to seek professional advice and receive a real accurate quote for any work that may need to be taken out. Take this article as a guide on how much it is to refurbish your allow wheels in the UK.


How do we know about alloy wheel refurbishment?

We are Crossley’s accident repair centre, we have a range of garages across the North West of England. With years of experience in all garage services including alloy refurbishment, valeting, repairs, MoTs and more! We understand the importance of receiving the correct advice. As much as we can offer this as a guide we highly recommend you get in touch with a member of our team for a free consultation and discussion, we will find the best route possible to getting your wheels back on the road!

We have been offering alloy wheel refurbishments for several years, including and not exclusive to, diamond cut alloys, D-cut effect alloys, silver alloys, coloured alloys and more! We know the ins and outs of restoring your cars alloys back to life at a reasonable price.


How much to refurbish alloy wheels?

In the UK there are a number of different treatments available to restore your alloys. This will all impact the price you pay. The extensive amounts of damage to a slight scuff will all play a huge part to the overall cost and time taken in refurbishing your alloys.

As a guide, a general standard alloy wheel refurbishment would cost around £75 for a 20″ wheel. If your wheel is larger than 20″ you can look at around a £90 per wheel charge.

Keep in mind that prices are subject to change at any point during the review of your wheels. Our expert team can offer you the best support in finding the right deal to spring your wheels back to life.

Lot’s of garages offer a save money scheme, when you book in for a set of 4 alloy wheels to be refurbished you can see savings of around £30 for 20″ wheels and around £40 for 21″ wheels. Subject to individual garages quotes and conditions.


How much to refurbish alloys

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