Laser Wheel Alignment

Crossley’s Laser Wheel Alignment

Crossleys know them little bumps on the road are bound to happen, whether it be that pothole you didn’t see or the sharp into a kerb, these things can alter your cars wheel alignment. 

Have you noticed your car pulling slightly in one direction? Or that the steering wheel doesn’t look quite centralised? At Crossley’s we have a great team who specialise in Laser Wheel Alignment, making sure your car wheels are properly aligned and ready for the road. 

How to know if your wheels need aligning?

The car pulls to left or right when the steering wheel is straight

 Uneven tyre wear

Juddering through the steering wheel

The steering wheel is off-centre when driving straight

Crossley's VALETING in Blackpool

Crossley's brand new valeting service specialises in, experienced, high quality valeting for any type of car. We offer a range of services from mini valet up to highly detailed valets. 

Crossleys will only use the best products and cleaning materials on the market to suit your specific paint type and colour to give you the gloss and protection your paintwork deserves!

Your car is usually the second biggest investment you make in your life, so why not look after this investment the best that you can? 

We are fully insured to work on and drive your vehicles. 

All of the equipment we use is the best on the market, from our top of the range jet wash to the microfibre wash mitts we use to clean your car with, be assured your car is our number one priority.

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