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Everything to know about getting an MOT during lockdown

With England’s second lockdown in force, the question many of you will be asking is, can I get an MOT in lockdown? The short and simple answer is yes! Mot testing stations will remain open during the second lockdown.

During the first Covid Lockdown, an MOT exemption was announced however nothing has been said regarding having an exemption during the second lockdown. With the whole country on close, it’s just as important to get your vehicle checked and bring it in for an MOT. With MOT facilities in Poulton, Blackpool and Liverpool, your nearest MOT centre is just around the corner.

With the Poulton centre being a state of the art, modern and new facility, they can cater for up to Class 7 MOTs (Heavy Goods Vehicles).


What happened to car MOTs in the first lockdown?

All vehicles including cars, vans and motorcycles that needed a test after the 30th March 2020 were given a privileged automatic six-month extension on top of there MOT expiry date. This lockdown MOT exemption remained in force until the end of July 2020, allowing all vehicles to be on the road along as they were in a “safe and roadworthy” condition. After this exemption period during the first lockdown ends, all vehicle owners who made use of this must still proceed to get an MOT.

Book an MOT test, an early start for the exempt. With this additional time in place, it was a common practice to pre-book MOTs. With drivers being encouraged to keep on top of their vehicles. The testing is an essential step in ensuring your car, van or bike is in a safe condition.

As you can imagine for the sheer amount of MOT exemptions and delays, a large backlog of tests became apparent. The early MOT booking played an essential role in making sure you got your vehicle in before the MOT deadline was hit.

Only a handful of garages and facilities were open during the first lockdown. The covid-19 outbreak really impacted how the MOT industry worked. During the second lockdown, we can happily say that the team at Crossleys Garage are still here with access to MOTs, general car work, paintwork, alloy refurbishment, valeting & more.


What will happen during the Second lockdown and MOTs?

All garages are open as normal during the second lockdown, book in your MOT test now. 

Get in touch with us here at Crossley’s garage, find our facilities located near you at Poulton, Blackpool and Liverpool!

With an extensive range of services, the team would be more than happy to help.

Want to find out more to do with MOTs and how the coronavirus lockdown might impact you and your car duties. Check out what the GOV have to say like this previous article about the test exemption.

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