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What are the benefits of valeting your car?

When looking into valeting your car, van, bike or any other vehicle, there are an array of reasons as to why you should consider getting booked in sooner rather than later. From boosted performance to vehicle protection. Here are the benefits to valeting your vehicle.

Benefits of a car valet

Your car is considered the second largest investment in your adult life, why would you not want to take care of this?

Having a simple car wash regularly allows you to remove any toxins, grime and dirt that has collected over the previous period. This allows for the limitation of any potential scratches and scuffs from the dirt along with looking sparkling clean!

It’s not just about looking perfect and shiny although a detailed valet can allow you to achieve the showroom finish for a long period of time with added benefits such as paintwork protection.

You heard us right. Paintwork protection.

During a detailed valet, you are able to have a wax coat applied to your vehicle, allowing for an even shinier finish, protective barrier and dirt resistant covering that actually protects your cars body paint significantly!

Unlike a standard car wash with just water, during a valet you can have procedures such as Clay Baring done to your vehicle; the process in which a small clay bar is used on the paintwork to remove any residue, dust or film. This allows for the perfect finish and protection ahead of the wax application!

Now, as we can imagine, you want to know more about the boosted performance,

During a valet, all your wheels, engine bay, and panels are thoroughly cleaned. If in your vehicle you have experienced blocked vents, dirty sutt ridden brakes and overall poor conditioning. After a valet, your alloys will be shining clean allowing for better air flow along with any leaves and debris being removed from the vehicle. Better air intake and fewer obstructions result in a smoother sailing performance from your vehicle.

Maybe you are considering selling your vehicle?

Having a valet can really bring the vehicle back to life with a show room quality finish. This often results in higher attention on car sales due to the way the vehicle is looked after being an attractive selling point.

Would you rather buy a dirty car or clean one?

Exactly, a simple valet can help you when selling your car.

Book in today for a range of our Valeting services, from mini valets to full details. Our industry-leading team are at hand to bring your vehicle back to life!

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