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What are the benefits to Paint Restoration?

When looking after your vehicle, it’s essential to seek all the best professional advice available, this consisting of experts in their own sectors. Here at Crossleys accident repair centre, we have a range of expert staff to undertake any jobs. One of our specialist areas is Paint restoration. What are the benefits to paint restoration on your vehicle?

Vehicle Protection

Having a fully restored vehicle with the correct paint allows for a protective barrier to the vehicles metal underframe. When exposed, the metal can cause rust and oxidise causing further issues down the line such as panel replacements.

A fresh barrier of paint with non-bare metal allows for a protective barrier to prevent these further issues.

Give it that glow!

Everyone loves the new car look, having your vehicles paint professionally restored or resprayed allows you to bring it back to its natural glory! The ability to take care of any blemishes and imperfections results in a cleaner, shinier and tidier car.

Selling your vehicle

When you come to the end of your ride with your loved vehicle, all the minor scratches and scuffs can actually decrease the value of your car. After some love and car, paint restoration allows you to bring the heart and soul of your vehicle back to life. When selling your vehicle, a pristine example and clean paint work is always a better option for sales point of view including nicer images, better looking vehicle and higher priced sales.

How can we help with your paint restoration?

Crossleys repair from minor paint damage for car scratch repair to complete resprays. Crossleys accredited technicians work out of a state of the art, newly built spay room, using the most advanced and innovative products to produce a quality and professional repair. Crossleys work for Car Dealerships, Fleet and Lease companies, Insurance Companies and the general public.


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