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Why a healthy car battery makes a huge difference!

It is coming to that time of year where the cold weather rolls in, with the crispy nights and mornings, it’s an essential time to ensure your car’s battery is in top shape to avoid any issues that could be present down the line.

From starting your vehicle to the functionality of all its features. The cold winter weather can have a huge impact on your car if you got the right safety measures in place!

Did you know: Battery faults are the number one reason for failed vehicle starts and starting issues.

The reason for many starting and vehicle issues during colder weather and winter is due to the increase in the use of the heating and headlights required to get by. This provides your vehicle’s battery with a far more intense volume of demand putting a constant output increase on throughout your journeys.

You don’t have as much of a concern if your battery is relatively new however if older than 3 years, you should really consider getting it checked out for full performance reports and upgrading if needed.

Due to freezing temperatures, the chemicals inside car batteries can freeze up and lose the ability to efficiently hold all the battery charge resulting in a weaker and poor performing battery. Another reason you should really consider keeping your battery on top of its shape.

Top tip: During winter, turn off all electrical features such as heating, lights and any plug-ins before starting your vehicle so your battery can predominantly concentrate on starting the vehicle.

If you have access to a garage, try to utilise the inside as this will prevent your vehicle and batter getting as cold than being outside and help with performance.

What to do with your “Faulty” battery?

Here at Crossleys Accident Repair centre, we have access to a state of the art facility and incredible experts in the trade, with years of industry knowledge you can be assured you are in the best hands.

From minor repairs to full diagnostics our team are equipped to get you back on the road before you know it.

We are able to help diagnose, repair or replace your vehicle’s battery to help you stay on top of the game this winter.

Simply, get in touch with your local branch and let us do the rest!

It’s better being early and ahead of the game than hitting December and struggling to get started. We will help you get prepared for the cold nights ahead.




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