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Why you should get a car valet after lockdown!
Getting a Valet after lockdown

Why you should get a car valet after lockdown!

Mar 3, 2021 | Our Blog

So you are sat wondering whether or not you can, or you should get your car valeted now the lockdown restrictions are being lifted. We know it’s been a struggle through lockdown, but there is no need to let your vehicle struggle as well. A lot of cars, vans and bikes have been neglected through the lockdown. We are here to pick up the peace and ensure your car is looking 100% for when all restrictions are over.

We have compiled a list of reasons as to why you should get your vehicle valeted after lockdown. Simply, have a read and get in touch if you want to make a change!



Your car is an investment

Your car is usually the second largest investment in your life, why would you want to invest, time, money and effort into something that will deteriorate and sit being neglected? Revitalising your vehicle with a mini valet to a full detailed procedure will instantly rejuvenate your car back to its youthful days.

Bring your car back to life

Bring back those colours and protect your paintwork, so if you have left your vehicle a little dirty during the pandemic. You could quite simply notice that the paintwork and colours have dulled, this is extremely common however is best sorted rather than left. Our clay bar and product procedure will remove any micro dirt and rejuvenate all life back into your paintwork! Not only with this, but we can also coat your vehicle in wax to protect the body and make it shine! Exactly like you would want for the summer coming up.

Safety of your vehicle after having a valet after lockdown

Clean and effective, having a clean car not only makes it look shiny but it also helps the effectiveness and safety of your vehicle. Removal of dirt on tyres, in between brakes and oil build-up is along with some of the main factors that have a valet can remove to help with the life long functionality of your vehicle.

The mad rush for vehicle valets after lockdown!

Beat the rush, as you can imagine like people want a haircut during the lockdown, people will rush to get their vehicles cleaned once the lockdown is lifted. This could be your perfect time to book your valet in before the storm of people. Be organised and reap the benefits of an extensively professional procedure by the incredible Crossleys Garage team at Wyrefields.

Make more money!

Value, having a valet not only makes you feel good about your car, it adds value to it. As stated, a vehicle is an investment and when you come to sell it, the difference in having clean and polished paintwork well maintained compared to a dulled and neglected body can result in hundreds and thousands of pounds between offers.

Crossleys accident repair centre valet prices

*Prices right as of 19 Jan 2020 & subject to change.


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